Sleepless, Inspired

by Arbo

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All parts written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Josh Arbo.


released May 20, 2014




Arbo Purchase, New York

Josh Arbo
A son of musicians

Studio Composition
Undergraduate at Purchase College

I like lush sounds.

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Track Name: Sleepless, Inspired
They say some people come as blessings
Some as lessons
Are you a blessing or a lesson?
Waited so long
And for my own good
Slept alone

And though I'm sleepless I'm inspired
Write it down
Could you help me to remember?
Write it down
For your own good
Write it down

The cold light washes over everything
Told the sun to
Go away
Pulled out all the stops
Sold the car

Snatched another day right out under your feet
See what happens when you notice
It's gone
And I'm sorry
But it's gone